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Imagine you've just had a massage and now you feel great - loose and relaxed. We're usually focused on the feelings and results of a massage, but at the same time amazing changes are taking place within your body.

When your treatment began muscles in your body were tight. Tight muscle tissue is much like a locked door that won't let the blood flow through it. Muscle fibers are stuck together forming what feels like a knot or a small speed bump in the tissue. Those tight muscles won't let the blood in and, to complicate things a bit more, the stuff that's inside the muscle can't get out! What's inside the tightened muscle? Old leftovers. Sounds peculiar but those muscles in your body have been burning fuel for energy and now there's a waste product left over.

A massage therapist helps to loosen those tight muscles and restore the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid. Blood brings in all the new fuel and helps the lymph system take out the biological trash.

There's more; during your massage you entered a state of relaxation that's often hard to achieve in our fast paced world. That peaceful state of mind is part of an amazing chemical dialogue between your muscles, body organs, brain and endocrine system. Suffice to say that you're now flooding yourself with hormones that nourish the body and help you stay healthy.

That's the basic science to massage. These biological processes are the reason why massage is not just a treat, but a form of preventative body maintenance. Who knew?!

Bonney is nationally certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork (NCTMB),
and is a certified neuro muscular therapist ( CNMT).

Bonney can be reached at:
(814) 450-5550
3939 West 26th, Erie, Pa 16508
(Corner of 26th and Colonial)
treatments are by appointment only

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