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Bonney Finnegan, BFA, NCTMB, CNMT



About Us

As a life long learner I have received instruction from a wide variety of sources. I've studied with prominent schools of bodywork, chiropractors, acupuncturists, a Hindu monk and a Chinese QiGong master. I feel that all these sources of knowledge have given me a wider view of bodywork as a healing practice. I've listed my educational training (thus far) below:

1990-SumaCumLaude graduate of Edinboro Univ. of PA.
1999-Graduate Great Lakes Institute of Technology
!999-National Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
2000-Certification in Neuromuscular Therapy
2008-Certification in QiGong Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage
Medical Massage for Piriformis Syndrome
Craniosacral Therapy
Myofascial Release Therapy
Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Muscle Dysfunction & Myofascial Pain
Chinese Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release
Chinese Hand & Foot Reflexology
Japanese Zen Facial Massage
Usui Reiki
Sekhem Reiki
Master Energy Medicine

Bonney can be reached at:
(814) 450-5550
3939 West 26th, Erie, Pa 16508
(Corner of 26th and Colonial)
treatments are by appointment only--you have to call

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